Gallery I

Heart of the Matter
Heart of the Matter 19"x18½" SOLD

Below Sea Level
Below Sea Level 21½"x24½" SOLD
Caligraphy 1
Calligraphy I 21½"x24" SOLD
Speaking Softly
Speaking Softly 22"x30" SOLD
Morning Crystal
Morning Crystals 19"x24"

Autumn Again
Autumn Again 19"x24" SOLD
New Spaces
New Spaces 22"x28"
Citron 22"x30" SOLD
Route 20 East
Route 20 East 30"x22" SOLD

Tiger Lilies
Tiger Lilies 18½"x21½"
Sea and Rocks
Sea and Rocks 15½"x15½" SOLD
Surf Calligraphy
Surf Calligraphy 21½"x21½" SOLD