Gallery I

Heart of the Matter
Heart of the Matter 19"x18½" SOLD

Speaking Softly
Speaking Softly 22"x30" SOLD

New Spaces
New Spaces 22"x28"

Tiger Lilies
Tiger Lilies 18½"x21½"

Below Sea Level
Below Sea Level 21½"x24½" SOLD

Morning Crystal
Morning Crystals 19"x24"

Citron 22"x30" SOLD

Sea and Rocks
Sea and Rocks 15½"x15½" SOLD
Caligraphy 1
Calligraphy I 21½"x24" SOLD

Autumn Again
Autumn Again 19"x24" SOLD

Route 20 East
Route 20 East 30"x22" SOLD

Surf Calligraphy
Surf Calligraphy 21
½"x21½" SOLD