Gallery III

Garden Game
Garden Game 18½"x19"
 Bee Balm
Bee Balm 20½"x25"
 Wind Blown
Wind Blown 19¾"x14½" SOLD

Dance Time
Dance Time 18"x18½"
Exuberance 30"x22" GIFTED

Fall Lilies
Fall Lilies 18"x13¼" SOLD
Lily Impression
Lily Impression 8"x8½"
Crow's Message
Crow's Message 22"x22"
The Silence of Snow
The Silence of Snow 9"x9"
Daffodil Contrasts
Daffodil Contrasts 17¼"x22¼" SOLD

Milkweed in Aqua 20"x30" SOLD
Beneath the Surface 13½"x15½" SOLD
 Lily Response 18½"x14"

 RespondingResponding 20½"x12¾"
 Mustasd Yarrow
Mustard Yarrow 13½"x10½" SOLD
Sails and Rocks I 14½"x10½"
sails and rocks II
Sails and Rocks II 14½"x10¾" SOLD

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