Cycling Dream
Cycling Dream 22"x23"

 3rd Prize

San Diego Watercolor Society, 2018

Caligraphy No 7
Calligraphy No. 7 17"x26"

Artistic Merit Award

Central New York Watercolor Society, 2018

Fishing for Fun 18"x22½"

Loa Ruth Sprung Award

American Watercolor Society, 2002

Autumn Again 19"x24"

Canson USA Award

New England Watercolor Society North American Show, 2002

Dance Time
Dance Time 18"x18½"

Best Abstract Painting

Central New York Watercolor Society, 2010

Citron 22"x30"

  Gordon Steel Memorial Award

Associated Artists, Syracuse, 2002


The Heart of the Matter

Central N.Y. Watercolor Society

 Best Abstract Award, 2005