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"The painting looks and feels like it is more than three dimensions; taking it in, I begin to feel suspended happily in otherworldly space. It's amazing how a paintbrush, a hand, a brain, and Barbara's inner spirit can communicate such color-impacting, calming and mystical artwork."

- Frank F., Michigan, commenting on "Cycling Series III"


    • Geometric Organics, Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse, N.Y. August 14 - September 25, 2020
    • National Watercolor Society 50 Star Exhibition, online, July - September 2020. "This unique exhibition displays the United States watermedia societies’ rich histories, artists, and artwork. Artists were juried by their state society and were required to be NWS members. NWS’s goal was to bring together the US watermedia community while showcasing excellence and originality in watermedia art." NWS


  • (to be announced)